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How to connect the satellite internet

Now there are many different ways and opportunities for access to the network

Now there are many different ways and possibilities to exit the network, one of these options? satellite internet connection.

If you choose to install on your computer satellite Internet and do not want the extra cost of the wizard, try to adjust it yourself.

You will need

  • - cable
  • - Plate of 90-120 cm in diameter
  • - bracket
  • - Converter
  • - DVB-card
  • - Shrink
  • - Anchor



Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment.


Now set terrestrial channel. You will need DialUp, GPRS or any other type of connection. Check with your operator or service provider how to adjust terrestrial channel.


Now proceed to install DVB-card. Install it on any available PCI slot. It is better to install it as far as possible from the TV-tyunnera, if it is you, so it does not create any interference.


With DVB-card in the kit should go installation disc. Insert it and install it to the driver for the card. Your computer DVB-map should be defined as a new network device.


After you install the driver, in the tray, which is located in the lower right corner near the clock, the red icon should appear. Click on it, right-click and select Setup4PC.


Window opens. In it, click Add and enter the name of the satellite to Euteslat W6. All other parameters, leave it as it is, without any changes. Click OK to confirm the selection.


Now make a new transponder. For a selected contact, select Euteslat W6 satellite transponder 11345, speed? 28782, polarization H (meaning Horizontal). If your satellite dish is properly configured, you should see the signal level of the band (or Signal Quality). Now we have finished setting the transponder. Click the OK button first, then Cloze button.


To set up a proxy connection, in Setup4PC box, select the Data Servises button. Should open a window. In this box, select the name of the provider, to do so, click Add, and then enter the desired name.


The transponder box that is to the right, select the Add button, type in the window that appears, the transponder, in which you select the desired frequency. Enter the name to be displayed in the system tray, then click OK.


Then enter PID List? in the window, type 1024, click the Insert button. Click OK and then Close.


Go to the Start menu? Setting? Network connections. Go to Properties. Click the General tab, select it in the TCP / IP protocol, click the Properties button. Dial the ip address. Subnet Max? Click OK.


Download GlobaX program, install it, run here and set these settings:

port = 2001

log = client.log


name = globax

server = (comes complete with map)

login = (comes complete with map)

passwd = (comes complete with map)

speed_in = 100000

speed_out = 4096

mtu = 1500

mru = 1500


remote = globax

port =

service_int = 0


remote = globax

port =

service_int = 2
Save and close the document.


Connect to the Internet. Everything in this setting over.

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