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How to connect the router to your computer

The router. Internet to the masses

How to connect a router (router) to the Internet and your computer? How to set it correctly for it to work smoothly and seamlessly?

It is necessary to pay attention to some points.

You will need

  • - router
  • - Instructions to the router
  • - a computer
  • - network cable



It is sure to be fully readinstructions supplied with the router from which you want? to fish? All the information you need and put in his brain. Introduction to the manual allows you to find all the ports of the router without errors. You can also perform a quality installation and to coordinate its work with the entire periphery.


The next thing you need to do? is to connect all the cables to the appropriate ports for them. In these moments the instructions described in detail. Thereafter, the router can comprise a network. After connecting to the network and turn on the router's system itself is usually automatically detects and identifies the new device. At the end of the router connection can proceed to its installation and configuration on local network availability.


The increasing popularity receive wirelessrouters. This device, which combines, in fact, Router, Fast Ethernet switch network, a wireless access point, NAT-firewall device. When you install the wireless router network is created automatically. The process of installation is divided into 3 phases: setting the router, connect it to the Internet, Internet-connected computer.

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