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How to connect the receiver to the TV

How to connect the receiver to the TV

Digital TV entered into every home, but not every TV can support this format. Special equipment is necessary.

The receiver converts the digital video signal received from a satellite in a conventional analog, passing it on the TV screen. Connect it to your TV and just enough power for everyone.

In order to connect the receiver to your TV, you can use 2 ways.



A high-frequency input of the TV RF. To connect via this input using a conventional shielded antenna cable. Connect the AV receiver and press? Power ?, and then on the display inscription? Boot to appear ?. If it does not, then the receiver is in standby mode, and it should be included with the remote control. Then, turn on the TV and start the automatic channel search. After that, the TV will scan the frequency range is not automatically stop at the frequency of the receiver. Next, the screen should display the receiver's menu. If this happens, it means that you have connected the receiver correctly.


A low-frequency output. A low-frequency output, you can connect the receiver to your TV using a cable with a SCART socket or bell. Connect the receiver with the appropriate cable to the TV. Connect the receiver's power cord to the network, turn on the switch on the rear panel and wait for the label? Boot ?. If not, turn on the receiver using the remote by pressing the? Power ?. Then, switch the TV to the mode? Video for this ?, click the button on the remote control? A / V ?. If you did everything correctly, then the screen should appear with the receiver's settings menus.

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