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How to connect the player to your computer

How to connect your player to your computer

When the player is connected to a computer it is likely that he will not be able to? Identify ?. The reasons for this can be a little, but do not worry.

You just need to quietly check all possible connectivity options.



Chances are good that when an issue? How to connect the player to your computer ?, you look too far, as the most simple and effective, it's just to replace your USB cable with the serviceable. Buy a cable can be in any store that sells computer parts. Connect the player to your computer, you can either via a standard USB (mini USB), or through the cable that comes with the player.


It is possible that your system simply can not findat a compatible driver for your device. Very often such a problem arises in Winodows type or Vista systems. To solve it is enough to go to the Internet and download any driver compatible with your system for standard USB drives.


Maybe, in your computer is faulty your USBconnector, and can simply loose contact with your USB cable. Try connecting your player to a different USB port, or a group of ports. For example, if the first time you connect your player to the port located on the front panel of your a PC, just try to connect through port on the back panel of your PC. Alternatively, you can test the functionality of your player by connecting it to another computer or laptop. Thus, you can be reasonably confident in your player's performance, and the problem will be solved with the fact that it became a problem in its proper operation.


Finally, it is possible that there is in your playerproblem with its USB port. In this case, you have no choice but to contact the store where you bought the player, unless of course you still have the warranty on it. If he comes under the warranty case, you simply replace it with a new one, check your player. But if you have no guarantee or warranty period is over, you should go to any service center.

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