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How to connect an extra charge number

How to connect an extra charge number

Sending an SMS to a short number is an excellent service for business promotion on the Internet. This calculation method is simple and accessible to each user.

Currently, there are special billing companies, which can be contracted for such services.



Choose a company that provides servicesSMS-billing. In Russia there are about 20 large and well-known companies, which are different level of service coverage of its coverage, monthly fees and other functions. You can easily choose the right company, using any search engine.


Choose the best tariff for you and enclosecontract with the billing company. On you will be issued a short number. Usually it is impossible to create and assign to a certain number, SMS-billing company will offer you one of the available options at the moment. It is also to identify the numbers often prefixed to senders when forwarding messages do not make a mistake with the recipient and the recipient of funds. Prefix can specify yourself already: This is a short word or set of words that need to be specified in the body of the message when it is sent. It remains only to get acquainted with the terms of the monthly subscription fee for the use of your short number.


Try a number that will bestart with "8-800", if this option seems more convenient to you. To do this, apply directly to one of these cellular companies as MTS, Megafon, Beeline and others. Leave on the website of an application for their desired number. To do this, go to the tab "Fixed Telephony" and find the function "8-800".


Fill out the form provided on the website and selectall necessary information about yourself, as well as the enterprise, if you want to arrange a room for him. Click "Make a request". After a while you will contact manager and will report on how the need to act on. Do not forget to choose a business proposal that will best meet your budget.

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