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How to connect the motherboard

First you need to install the motherboard, CPU and cooler

The first thing that needs to be done in manual assemblyhome computer? connect the motherboard, CPU and cooler and only then install the hard drives, drives, and a variety of other devices for comfortable work.

And, if you should stop about how to connect to the computer accessories, appropriate written instructions, on how to connect the motherboard details.



Place the motherboard on a flat, hard,horizontal surface. The first thing that must be installed on it? a processor and cooler. The CPU is set in such a way that all the antennae located on the bottom, it is clearly aligned with the holes on the motherboard slot. With one or more of the parties to the slot openings will not be? it is made specifically for ease of installation. After the processor fails in the slot, press it with a lever located on the side. The clamping force must not be too large.


Before you install on top of the cooler, notRemember to lubricate its sole thermal paste. A small drop of thermal paste should also squeeze on the processor for better cooling during operation. Depending on the modification of the cooler is fastened or special locks or clamps or screws. To understand is not difficult with them. After installation, check the reliability of fastening the cooler.


The motherboard with the processor and the cooler can beinstalled in the system unit. On the inner side opposite the housing cover arranged plastic fasteners, which should coincide with the corresponding holes of the mainboard. When properly fixing the board fasteners on these clicks will be heard. Check the fixing of the motherboard. It should not move away from the body, or bend.


Connect the motherboard to the power supplyfollows after installing the video card and RAM. Since these devices are determined by the computer first, without them the system will not boot, and to evaluate the performance of the motherboard will be difficult.

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