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How to connect a motherboard


First you need to install the motherboard, processor and cooler</a>

The first thing to do when hand-assembledHome computer? Connect the motherboard, processor and cooler and then install hard drives, various drives and other devices for comfortable operation.

And if you want to connect additional hardware to the computer, the corresponding instructions are written, then you should dwell in more detail on how to connect the motherboard.



Put the motherboard on a flat, solid,Horizontal surface. The first thing that should be set on it? This processor and cooler. The CPU is installed in such a way that with all antennae located at the bottom, it clearly coincides with the slot holes on the motherboard. On one or more sides on the slot there will be no holes? This is made specifically to facilitate installation. After the processor fails in the slot, press it with the lever located on the side. The clamping force should not be too large.


Before installing the cooler on top, do notForget to grease his sole with thermal grease. A small drop of thermal paste should also be squeezed onto the processor for better cooling during operation. Depending on the modification, the cooler is fixed either with special locks, or clamps, or screws. Deal with them is not difficult. After installation, check that the cooler is securely attached.


A motherboard with a processor and a cooler can beInstall in the system unit. On the inside of the opposite cover of the body are plastic fasteners, which must coincide with the corresponding holes of the motherboard. If the board is correctly fixed, clicks will be heard on these fasteners. Check that the motherboard is securely attached. It should not move away from the hull or bend.


Connect the motherboard to the power supplyShould be after installing the video card and RAM. Since these devices are determined by the computer first, without them the system will not boot up, and it will be difficult to assess the performance of the motherboard.

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