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How to connect a modem to a telephone line


How to connect a modem to a telephone line</a>

To obtain the maximum data reception or transmission speed of the modem, you must connect it correctly to the telephone line.

If the connection is correct, the relay is activated during the "off-hook" on the computer.

This relay is responsible for disconnecting from the fax line, answering machines, telephones and other devices creating an additional load, which leads to interference on the telephone line.

You will need

  • - telephone sockets with jacks RJ-11- - telephone wire or twisted pair- - modem - - nails - - hammer- - pliers- - knife- - cutting pliers



First, check the telephone wiring you have. If it is very old, it is better to remove it using a nippers and a knife. Otherwise, it may fail at any time.


Then, from the telephone sockets, remove the capacitors (if any) with pliers. This is necessary for the modem to correctly detect incoming calls.


Then carry out the new wiring, neatlyNailing it with small carnations to the wall or ceiling. Instead of ordinary fine wiring, you can use a twisted pair, which can significantly improve the quality of signal transmission. Please note that for proper connection it is necessary to pull the wire from the door only to the modem, and from Modem Directly to telephone sockets, the number of which you install yourself.


All available connections are necessarily goodSeal it. If you do not, then after a while they will oxidize and lower the strength of their connection. It is desirable that the wiring is as small as possible, and the wires are made of the same metal, since different materials are much worse than the uniform ones that hold the soldering.


After all preparations start to connectModem to the telephone line. First, connect the line input to the socket on which "In" is displayed, and then the telephone line output to the socket labeled "Out". Be sure to check the connection Modem Using a computer.

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