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How to connect the modem to the telephone line

How to connect the modem to the telephone line

For maximum speed modem reception or data need to connect it properly to the telephone line.

When properly connected, the relay is activated during the "off-hook" on the computer.

This relay is responsible for the shutdown of the line of fax machines, answering machines, telephones and other devices, creating an additional burden, which leads to interference on the telephone line.

You will need

  • - Telephone outlets with sockets RJ-11- - telephone wire or twisted parameters - modem- - gvozdi- - molotok- - passatizhi- - knife- - Clippers



For a start, inspect your existing telephone wiring. If it is very old, it is better to remove it, using wire cutters and a knife. Otherwise, it may at any moment be destroyed.


Further, from the telephone socket, remove the capacitors (if there are) using pliers. This is to ensure that the modem can properly identify incoming calls.


Then drag the new wiring, carefullynailing her small nails to the wall or ceiling. Instead of an ordinary thin wiring can be used twisted pair, which can significantly improve the quality of signal transmission. Note that the correct connection is necessary to pull the wire from the door only to the modem, and already from the modem directly to the phone jack, the number of which is up to you.


All available connections necessarily wellsolder. If you do not, then after some time, they oxidize and decrease the strength of your connection. It is desirable that the wiring is as small as possible, and the wires are made of the same metal as the different materials hold much less homogeneous brazing.


After all prepared starting to connectmodem to a telephone line. First connect the input line in the slot on which there is an inscription «In», and then the phone line into the socket outlet, having an inscription «Out». Be sure to check the connection modem using a computer.

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