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How to connect the light


When connecting light, observe all safety rules</a>

If you need to connect a switch or replace itThe old switch is new, you will need at least a basic knowledge of the electrician. Agree, you would not want to experience the strength of the current in the network after unsuccessful manipulations with the wires.

Therefore, it is better to trust the qualified electrician to work on the connection of light, namely, light switches.

But if you are sure that your knowledge for connecting the switch is enough, you can start working yourself.



Here's how you can connect a switch with twoKeys: take a first look at the diagram and you will see the junction box. Looking into it, you will find eight wires. Three of them just go to the switch, still the same? On the lamp, and the two remaining? Feeding. Then determine the supply wires accurately. Obtain for this indicator screwdriver or at least an electric bulb with a cartridge.


Now the wire that comes from the lightingStraight to the contacts of the electrical cartridges, connect to the zero conductor. Next, connect the breaker wire and the phase conductor (found earlier with the help of an indicator screwdriver), then couple the wires coming from the luminaire (these are the wires connected to the contacts of the electric cartridges), connect to the wires from the switch (remaining). Now you should understand how to connect a two-button switch Sveta.


And now the plan to connect a one-button switch Sveta. Also, look into the junction box to see the six wires in it. Two of them go to the lamp, two? On a one-button switch and two? Feeding.


Determine the phase voltage wires usingIndicator screwdriver. Next to the wire, the luminaire, which is connected to the electrical socket, connect the neutral conductor. Connect the phase wire to the switch wire. Then connect the two wires that come from the lighting device and are connected to the central contact of the electric cartridge, and also to the switch. On the issue of connecting Sveta ? it's all.

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