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How to connect the light

By connecting the light, observe all safety rules

If you need to connect a switch or replaceold switch to new, you'll need at least a basic knowledge of electrics. Agree, you do not want to experience the strength of the current in the network after unsuccessful manipulation wires.

Therefore, work on the connection of light, namely, light switches better to trust a qualified electrician.

But if you are confident that your knowledge to connect the switch is enough, you can start working for yourself.



Here's how to connect the switch to twokeys: the first thing to look at the scheme and see the junction box. Looking at it, you will find eight wires. Three of them are just the same on the switch, and the same? on lamp and the other two? feed. Then exactly determine the leads. Obtain this indicator screwdriver or even a light bulb with a cartridge.


Now the wire that goes from lightingthe device directly to the electrical contacts of cartridges, connect the neutral conductor. Next, connect the switch wire and phase conductor (found earlier with the help of a screwdriver indicator), and then a pair of wires from the lamp (this is the wire connected to the electrical contacts of cartridges), connect the wires from the switch (left). Now you should be clear how to connect two-button switch Sveta.


And now there will be painted with a plan to connect the one-touch switch Sveta. Also check out the junction box to see the six institutions in her harness. Two of them are on the lamp, two? on the one-button switch and two? feed.


Determine wire phase voltage usingIndicator screwdriver. Next to the wire lamp, which is connected to the electrical contact of the cartridge, connect the neutral conductor. Connect the phase wire to wire switch. Then connect together two wires that go from the lighting device and connected to the central electrical contact of the cartridge, as well as to the switch. On the issue of connection Sveta ? it's all.

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