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How to connect the headset with a microphone to your computer

How to connect a headset with a microphone to your computer

One of the most popular featuresInternet, thanks to which it really is a means of uniting the many? this affordable unlimited communication with people in different parts of the planet. However, the computer itself, and consisting of a monitor system block, is not yet ready to act as a high-grade device.

To take advantage of all the pleasures of the Internet, you need to connect headphones with a microphone.

You will need

  • -Computer with audiokartoy-
  • -naushniki with microphone



First, determine whether the set inPC audio input-output device, or as it is more commonly called, the sound card. Sound card may be either integrated into the motherboard, and installed in a single slot in the system unit. If the sound card is not available, then purchase it and install the pre-installing the necessary drivers. For the purposes of communicating expensive sound card is not necessary: ​​it is quite suitable unpretentious model, which should be connectors for headphones with a microphone.


After reading the user manual soundcards, determine which of the connectors on it are used to connect a microphone, headphones and other devices. Often the sockets on the map to mark specific colors to facilitate the installation of appropriate devices. Plug connectors microphone and headphone jacks intended.


Turn on the computer. Go to the Control Panel to configure audio devices. With Windows specific options to adjust the volume and other parameters of the headphones and microphone. When everything is ready, do not forget to install the software onto the computer, allows you to communicate with the world, such as Skype, Gizmo, GoogleTalk and MailRu Agent.

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