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How to connect the headset to the phone

How to connect the headset to the phone</a>

Using a headset with a mobile phoneIs extremely convenient, especially when driving, because it allows you to completely free your hands, and sometimes do not get the handset out of your pocket, using the receive key on the headset.



In order to connect the headset to the phone withUsing a Bluetooth wireless connection, you need to pair it with your mobile phone. The pairing procedure consists in making a secure connection between the phone and the headset. It is necessary to do this so that no one can accidentally hear a telephone conversation while in the range of your bluetooth transmitter. The sequence of actions during pairing may differ depending on the brand of your phone, but the basic principle is preserved.
So, in order to connect the headset to the phone, first of all you need to turn on both devices - phone and headset, and make sure that they are in range of each other.


After that, activate the search mode in the headset. For this, as a rule, you need to press and hold the functional button of the headset for a short time, or the answer answer key.


In the functions of your phone, find the sectionManage Bluetooth devices, and initiate a search for a new device. After the search is finished, the name of your headset should appear among other devices.


It must be selected and added to the list of connected devices for further identification. Next, the phone will prompt you for the password, enter 0000. After that, the pairing process is completed.


If there are any problems, and the headset is notOr the process simply breaks off, it is worth checking whether the headset is turned on, whether its battery is charged, and if there are any obstacles in the way of signal or interference, then again to repeat the whole process.


If the device does not work with the phone, you need to contact the manufacturer of the headset for compatibility with this model.

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