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How to connect the electric meter

How to connect the electric meter

Installation and connection of electricity usuallyengaged in power sales specialists. This applies to electricity meters, designed for removal of consumed energy indications payable.

The specialist performing the counter such connection must be approved for the production of such works.



Get the energy meter, which hasnecessary parameters (usually at rates for individual apartments is taken to the power of 3 kW, for the apartments, equipped with an electric stove - 7 kW). Current at this power will be in the range of 13.5. A. This may be a conventional single-phase or three-phase meter - it depends on your location. The distribution and sales to find out what exactly the class must have your counter. You can buy a ready-electrical control box, which is already installed and the counter breakers.


Install meter on a wall in the space provided for itplace. This should be a dry place, not far from the entrance to the apartment, which can easily hold a wire, lead-in electric current. Secure the three screws counter, making the front of this markup holes under them, in accordance with the mounting dimensions. Make sure that the meter after installation is located vertically.


Connect to the meter wiring leading to thea junction box, which is made of energy supply to the consumers. Connections are made according to the scheme, which is the same for all meter types. Phase connected to the RCD, fuses and (or) machines, and zero is usually attached to a common terminal block. On the counter is a second phase of the terminal on the right, a zero - the first on the right. Connect the wires to the terminal clamps of the counter, leave a free supply of 60 - 70 mm. This will allow to produce by means of electrical measurements and mites re-connection when the circuit is assembled incorrectly.


Call an electrician of distribution and sales, havingappropriate clearance. He must check the correctness of your activities on the connection to the electricity meter apartment network to make a connection of the counter and its sealing.

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