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How to connect the DVD drive

How to connect your DVD drive

Any computer that is morally severaldeprecated, but continues to perform well, it can be used as a full-fledged home theater. To do this, at least to connect it to your TV and stereo system, and to install and additional equipment if necessary.

For example, connect a DVD drive for watching movies.



Switch off and completely remove power computer system unit. To connect drive unit DVD, remove the side cover of the case - it isIt enables access to the motherboard and the filling of the system unit. Previously on the front side of the body, remove the plug in the location where you want to connect drive unit DVD.


Depending on which interface the data exchange between the devices and the motherboard supported by the system: IDE or the SATA, the connection order drive unitand will be slightly different. However, in general the principle of the installation is retained the same. Connection interface is easy to determine visually. IDE cables are mounted wide multicontact connectors. SATA-interface uses a thin narrow connector. At the same time on the IDE cable can connect two devices and the SATA - only one. Also, IDE interface devices require manual setting priority. Special jumper-jumper given appropriate status Master or Slave equipment.


Having dealt with the interface connectors connect the wires to the corresponding outputs on drive unite DVD. Do not forget the wire is energized. Insert drive unit DVD in a special sled provided for the construction of the system unit. Secure it with small screws.


Turn on the computer. At the beginning of the download motherboard should identify the connected drive unit DVD, moving the information about it on the screen. If not, go into the BIOS and define drive unit DVD forcibly.

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