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How to connect the Beeline


How to connect the Beeline</a>

The operator of cellular communication "Beeline" ("Beeline") has alreadyFor a long time absolutely free of charge provides its customers with a caller identification service, this service is automatically activated. But there are some tariffs, such as, for example, "Hit", on which this service needs to be connected to the user himself.

Including the user connects and the service "Super Caller ID", which allows you to recognize the number of the caller, even if it is encrypted with an anti-determinator.

So how do you connect these services yourself?

You will need

  • - Internet or mobile phone.



If you are interested in a simple caller ID,That is, one that is usually included in the package and is automatically connected, dial 0628 or 0611 (corporate customer support) from your mobile phone.


Following the prompts, connect the service itself to determine the numbers or wait for a conversation with the operator, which will tell you how to do it.


If you have a regular caller ID and you want to activate the "Super Caller ID" service, you can do it in three ways that are convenient for you.


From the operator's website, following the link http://uslugi.beeline.ru/. In this way, registered users of the site can connect services.


If you are not registered on this site,Then you can use the service of obtaining a login and password from the company "Beeline". To do this, dial from your mobile phone the following combination of numbers: * 110 * 9 # and the dial key.


If you do everything correctly, then in a couple of minutes your phone will receive an SMS message with a username and password.


Enter them on the website and log in to your personal account.


In the dashboard, click the Manage Services tab.


Then open the list of available services and select the "Super Caller ID" service.


If this service is not listed, or the Internet is currently not available to you, then you can connect this service from your cell phone.


Dial from your mobile phone the following combination of numbers: 06744161 and press the dial button or * 110 * 4161 # and, also, press the dial key. After that the service will be connected automatically. A few minutes after any of these combinations are dialed by you, you will receive an SMS message to your phone confirming that the service is connected.

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