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How to connect the determinant Beeline numbers

How to connect a caller Beeline numbers

The mobile operator "Beeline» ( «Beeline») alreadya long time absolutely free service provides Caller ID to their customers, this service is connected automatically. But there are some tariffs, such as, for example, "Hit", in which the service must be connected to the user.

Including by the user and connects the service "Super Caller ID", which allows you to identify the caller's number, even if the encrypted CIR.

So how do you connect to these services?

You will need

  • - Internet or mobile phone.



If you are interested in a simple caller ID,that is, one that is usually included in the package and automatically connect, then dial the number with your mobile phone or 0628 0611 (office support corporate clients).


Follow the prompts to connect themselves to define service number or wait for a call to an operator who will tell you how to do it.


If an ordinary caller ID you connected, and you want to additionally activate "Super Caller ID", then you can do it in three convenient for you.


On the site operator, the following link https://uslugi.beeline.ru/. In this manner, connect services can be registered users of the site.


If you are not registered on this site,you can take advantage of receiving login and password from the company «Beeline». To do this, dial from your mobile phone the following sequence of numbers: * 110 * 9 # and press dial.


If you did everything correctly, then after a couple of minutes on your phone come sms-message with login and password.


Enter their website and log into your personal account.


Select the tab "Service Management" in a private office.


Then open the list of available connection services and choose the service "Super Caller ID."


If this service is not listed, or online at the moment for you is not available, connect the service, and from your cell phone.


Enter from your mobile phone the following sequence of numbers: 06744161, and then press the button or dial * 110 * 4161 # and also press the dial. After that, the service will be automatically connected. A few minutes after any of these combinations will be recruited by you, your phone will receive sms-message with proof that the service is connected.

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