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How to connect the backlight in the switch


How to connect the backlight in the switch</a>

There are two types of switches operating with backlighting. Switches, with illumination, which come from the manufacturer.

They are connected as switches in simple illumination, and the illumination functions without a zero wire.

And switches, the illumination of which works with a certain connection scheme with the connection of the zero wire. Any electrical work must be done by a professional electrician.

The incorrect circuit of the circuit-breaker connection threatens to short-circuit the electrical network and can threaten your life and health, as well as lead to a fire in the room.



For all works with electricity, it is necessary to disconnect the electric power supply on the electrical panel. Only after that do electrical work.


When connecting a switch with a backlight fromManufacturer, which works simply from the fact that the switch is connected to a power source, you just need to connect the switch correctly to the power supply. You should have three wires on your switch. After turning off the power shield, spread all the wires to the sides so that when there is no short circuit. Take the indicator device, turn on the power shield and alternately, bringing it to each wire, check the phase wires and zero. If it lights up? Phase, does not burn? zero. Then turn off the electrical panel again, connect the wires according to the wiring diagram. When the backlight is provided from the manufacturer, it functions without a neutral wire. Describe which wire to which to connect does not make sense, since it all depends on the outline in your apartment.


The second type of switch with backlighting is necessaryWith the participation of a zero wire. Check with the indicating instrument that the wires refer to the phase conductors, and which wire refers to the zero wire. Turn off the guard on the landing. Connect the light indicator to the neutral wire, and the reverse current leads to the conductor wires, that is, to the phase conductors. The indicator light will work when the switch is off. The electrical connection should be checked by an electrician.

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