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How to connect speakers to the TV

How to connect speakers to the TV

Connect speakers to the television, givesthe ability to not only increase the quality of sound, but also provides additional opportunities for adjustment and sound quality settings on individual parameters.



Connecting the speakers to the TV with the ability tosound quality control depends on the combination of TV audio output and input system speaker. At discrepancy of the acoustic parameters of the systems you want to use the receiver. The different speakers use different audio inputs, so you need to determine the cable plug. For audio output sound to the speaker, use the function? AUX ?.
Connect the speaker system can be throughcable? 2 RCA audio ?, where it is used? Euro? standard, both in television, and the speaker system. The cable with the audio output of the TV is connected to the audio input of your speaker system.


Some TVs and audio systems use a system? SCART ?. For such a connection, you need the right cable length? SCART-SCART ?.


If the television is? A SCART ?, and speaker audio input? 2 ?, the RCA audio connection acoustics, you need to purchase a cable? SCART-RCA ?.


The acoustic input is used? Jack 3.5 mm ?, and the TV output? 2 RCA audio ?. In this case, the cable? Jack 3,5 mm-RCA ?, to connect the speakers.


If the television is the output? A SCART ?, and acoustic input? 2 ?, RCA audio cable is used? SCART-3.5 Jk + Ph 3m ?.


For TVs with a mono output signal, it is better to connect the audio system via the DVD player or stereo VCR. In this case use a suitable cable to connect.
To get better sound or there is a problem with the connection between the TV and the speaker system, you need to use the receiver.

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