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How to connect acoustics to your TV


How to connect acoustics to your TV</a>

Connecting the acoustics to the TV, givesThe ability not only to increase the quality of the audio signal, but also provides additional options for adjusting and adjusting the sound quality according to individual parameters.



Connecting acoustics to a TV with the abilitySound quality control, depends on the combination of the audio output system of the TV and the input of the speaker system. If the acoustic parameters of the systems do not match, you must use the receiver. Different audio systems use different audio inputs, so you need to determine the cable to be connected. To output audio to the speaker, the? AUX? Function is used.
You can connect the speaker system throughCable? 2 RCA audio ?, where is used? Euro? Standard, both in the TV and in the speaker system. The cable from the audio output of the TV is connected to the audio input of the speaker system.


Some TVs and audio systems use the "SCART" system. For this connection, do you need a cable of the required length? SCART-SCART ?.


If the TV uses "SCART" and the audio input is "2 RCA audio", then you need to purchase a SCART-RCA cable for acoustics.


In acoustics, the input is "Jack 3.5 mm", and the TV output is "2 RCA audio". In this case, the cable is used? Jack 3.5 mm-RCA ?, for connecting speakers.


If the TV uses SCART ?, and the acoustical input is 2 RCA audio ?, then use the SCART-3.5 Jk + Ph 3m cable.


For TVs with mono output, it is better to connect the audio system via a DVD player or a stereo VCR. In doing so, use a suitable cable for connection.
To get a better sound or there are problems with connecting the TV and speaker system, you must use the receiver.

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