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How to connect the speakers to your computer

Connecting a computer to a modern business simple receiver

Computer speakers are mostly notallow us to speak about the sound quality, since their functionality is initially somewhat different. In the current time when the computer is often a substitute for home cinema and hi-fi system, such compromises can not arrange the user.

Fortunately, the computer is connected to a modern receiver business easy, thanks to the formats compatible connectors.



For the realization of all your audio capabilitiescard will be better not to use stereo and multichannel receiver, which also allows the connection of digital data transmission channel.


Refer to the manual of your sound card orcarefully inspect the connector and locate a digital output, which will need to use either coaxial or fiber optic cable. The receiver typically has two inputs.


Connect the digital output of the sound card to the inputreceiver. In addition, it makes sense to connect the analog outputs and the sound card to the corresponding inputs of the receiver, otherwise you will lose the game in the multi-channel (valid primarily for Creative cards). Switching between inputs is usually performed by a single button on the remote control receiver.


Set up as an audio output device on your computer, a digital interface (for analogue switch games).


Adjust your audio filter (eg, ffdaudioor AC3Filter) to pass bitstream AC3 and DTS without treatment, but the MP3 and others - on the contrary, let encoded in the AC3 and only then transmitted to the receiver.


Pick the appropriate receiver speakers and enjoy the sound.

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