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How to connect online Savings

How to Connect Online Savings

"Sberbank Online" - a system of services in a network of Internet customers one of the largest Russian banks.

You can use it in real time and from anywhere in the world to track the status of your account to make the necessary payments, transfer money, receive mini-statements.

How to connect

Connect "Sberbank Online" can be an ATMor self-service terminal or by calling toll-free numbers for Russian contact center: 8 (800) 555 5550 or +7 (495) 500 5550. For debit card with which the service is connected and should be linked service "Mobile Banking". In the registered phone number will be sent one-time passwords to confirm transactions. After a brief registration procedure, the user receives a ten-digit ID and password. These data, and will serve to create a personal account in the system "Sberbank Online", they can not be disclosed to third parties.

How to log in

Input can be done on the official website"Savings" or through a special application for mobile devices. After the system will approve the ID and password received upon registration, they can be replaced with your own. When you first log in "Sberbank Online" may require the introduction of a one-time password is sent to the mobile number. A receipt with a list of passwords, confirmations can be printed out in the bank's self-service device. If the data is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the login will be blocked for one hour. In this case, you can contact support for a new password.

How to extend the capabilities of the system

After entering the personal account on the main pagedisplays data on existing plastic cards, the availability of accounts and deposits, the amount of loans, other personal information, as well as the available options. List of services offered by the system "Sberbank Online" can be expanded by referring to the bank with your passport for the conclusion of "universal banking service contract."

Security measures

According to experts, "Savings Bank" systemOnline customer service is protected as much as possible. However, they are strongly advised to adhere to certain security measures. For example, to enter the private office never required map data, phone number or any other sensitive information. If you see a request for something else besides the ID and password, stop using the system and contact the bank. The same must be done if the "Sberbank Online" requires a password to undo. It should also be remembered that the bank's employees will never call customers with a request to provide their personal data.

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