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How to connect the network card

Network (ethernet) cable

To connect your computer to a LAN or to the Internet you need to network interface card (adapter) is present in the composition of the system unit device.

The most common motherboard manufacturersintegrate such a device into their products, but there are cases when the built-in network card does not meet user demands with respect to the connection speed.

You will need

  • PCI-compliant motherboard.



Built-in network adapters are widelydistribution, but also how and sound cards have some limitations compared with adapters that are bought separately. Recently, news began to appear in the field of network cards? adapter with USB interface. These boards have advantages: you do not have to open the system unit, if it is sealed. This saves you the time you would have spent on the installation of a conventional PCI-adapter. But there is a drawback: the network bandwidth is low, because the implementation of operations through a special port (PCI) is much faster.

USB network adapter


PCI-adapters mounted in one of the vacantsockets designed for PCI-devices. Getting the installation process you need to remove the cover in front of your selected PCI-slot. Turn the system unit back to his side, push your thumb on the cap. If the plug does not give in, then use a screwdriver? +? - On the plug, you will see a special opening for the Phillips screwdriver.

Selecting the PCI-slot


Open the side wall of your system unit. Pick up the AC adapter, plug it into your chosen PCI-slot. Check the mounting adapter. Secure the bolt adapter on the left side. Close the side cover of the system unit. Connect the power cable to the new adapter. If included with the adapter was attached disk, then install the driver. Otherwise the driver installation is not required.

Connecting network cable to the adapter

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