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How to connect several photos

How to combine multiple photos

Photographing? It is simple enough.

But sometimes not all the pictures we are satisfied: the distant background is not suitable, then something is missing.

It was then that we resort to the help of Photoshop, edit, correct, add some effects.

But Photoshop these opportunities are not limited to,it is possible to use even if the photograph you are satisfied. Today we will try to combine two pictures into one using Photoshop CS4, and these pictures can even be different sizes.

Follow our step by step instructions.

You will need

  • - The program Adobe Photoshop



Go to Photoshop. Select the tab? File ?, click? Open ?. You should open a window? Folder ?.


Select the? Folder? file to the first photo, which will be connected. Then click the? Open ?. Your chosen picture must boot into Photoshop for editing.


Load the second picture in the same way? File? ? ?Open? - Folder ?.


Place photos in the neighboring windows. To do this, proceed as follows:? Window? ? ? Sort? ? ?Horizontally?.


Begin linking photos to do this, select the action in the toolbar? Movement ?.


Move. Hold down the left mouse button on one photo, drag it to another. You get that one picture superimposed on another.


Open the tab? Layers? (On the right), where you have to choose? Background ?, by clicking on it with the mouse. You will have a window? New Layer ?, click Yes ?, to rename the layer. Now click on the? Layer 1? (Located on the backing layer). Select the toolbar? Free Transform ?, you can select it by pressing? Ctrl + T ?.


Determine which photo you will be an active,What you will fit under the other. Around the photo that you modify, will frame editing. Hold down? Shift ?, resize photos, make it higher, lower, shorter or longer. Adjust the active picture under another picture. When the size of the photo match, press the? Enter ?.


Make line connections has picturesimperceptible. To do this, select the? Layer 1? and click on the icon? Add a layer mask ?. Near? Layer 1? icon should appear? Layer Mask ?. On the toolbar, select? Gradient ?, enter the type of color? Black, white ?.


Press? Shift?Hold it, draw a line from the start of the connection shots down the distance define themselves. Now shots connection line will be invisible. Experiment by combining images!

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