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How to connect an LED strip


One, two, three, rainbow - burn!</a>

LED backlighting is actively distributed in a modern design. LED ribbons are used in various fields.

For example, LEDs are used in interior decoration of buildings and buildings.

Storefronts are also illuminated with LED lamps, LED stripes are also used in cars.

Low cost, practicality and simple installation provided the LEDs a wide spread.

You will need

  • - LED Strip Light
  • - Power Supply
  • - scissors
  • - soldering iron



At the very beginning, you need to determine the location of the LED tape and calculate its future length. Be sure to remember that the LED Tape Can be cut through multiple gaps (for example, the SMD 3528 Q60 tape can be cut every 5 cm), so you need to take this into account when calculating.


The next step is the selection of the power supply. The power supply must strictly comply with the declared power of the tape. When selecting a unit, it is best to consult a professional consultant to avoid making mistakes.


Once all components are purchased, you needPrepare the surface for mounting the tape. The installation site should be thoroughly degreased (eg with alcohol). It is better if the surface is solid (to avoid damage to the ribbon circuit board). If the tape is to be mounted on a metal or other conductive surface, the tape must be isolated.


If the tape does not need to be cut, then you can immediatelyProceed with installation. LED strips on the back have an adhesive layer. With this adhesive layer, the ribbon is mounted. The protective coating is removed and the tape is pressed against the surface.


The last step is to connect the tape to the blockPower and controller, which is produced by wires from the tape. Each wire has its own designation on the conductor track, R, G, B and V +, and is connected accordingly to the polarity to the 4 inputs on the controller R, G, B, V +. The power supply to the 220 V network is connected by two wires to the L + and N- connectors. Next, connect the "+" on the power supply to the "+" on the controller, and "-" to "-" respectively. Do not confuse the polarity of the voltage - this can lead to equipment failure and damage to the tape.

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