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How to connect LED strips

One, two, three, rainbow - burn!

Backlight LEDs actively spreading in modern design. LED strips are used in various fields.

For example, LEDs are used in the interior spaces of buildings.

The shop windows are also illuminated lights from LEDs in cars are also used LED strip.

Low cost, practicality and easy installation LEDs have provided widespread.

You will need

  • - LED Strip Light
  • - Power Supply
  • - scissors
  • - soldering iron



In the beginning, you need to decide on the venue installation LED strip and calculate the length of its future. One must remember that the light-emitting diode tape You can cut through multiple intervals (for example, SMD 3528 Q60 tape can be cut every 5 cm), so you need to take this into account in the calculation.


The next step - the selection of the power supply. The power supply must strictly conform to the stated capacity of the tape. In the selection of the block is best to consult with a professional advisor, not to be mistaken.


After all the components purchased needto prepare the surface for the tape mounting. Mounting location carefully degreased (eg, alcohol). It is better if the surface is solid (in order to avoid damage to the tape PCB). If the tape be mounted on metal or other conductive surfaces, the tape must be isolated.


If the tape does not need to cut, you can immediatelyattempting to install. LED strips have a back side of the adhesive layer. With this adhesive layer and made assembling strip. The protective coating is removed and the tape pressed against the surface.


The final step is to connect the tape to blockpower and controller, which is produced by wires from the tape. Each wire has its own designation on the conductive path, R, G, B, and V +, and connected respectively polarity to 4 inputs on the controller R, G, B, V + .Blok power to 220V connect the two wires to terminals L + and N-. Next, connect the "+" on the power supply to the "+" on the controller, and "-" to "-", respectively. voltage polarity must not be confused - this can lead to equipment failure and damage to the tape.

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