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How to connect laptop to PC

How to connect laptop to PC

Now houses and apartments of many Russians at the same time can be used more than one computer.

To download large files from the PC to the laptop or vice versa, it is best to combine home computers in a network.

You will need

  • - A computer-
  • - a laptop-
  • - network cable.



Make sure that your desktop computerthere is a network card. If the network card on your PC you do not, you can purchase and install it. Connect one end of the network cable to the network adapter connector, and the second - to the AC adapter laptop.


Click on a dual-monitor icon that appearsin the lower right corner of the desktop PC. Select the properties of TCPIP and security section ( "Advanced" tab) disable the firewall. In the box "authentication" uncheck. Refer to "Internet Protocol". Typing your IP-address and set the subnet mask Click on "Apply" and "OK."


Refer to the settings of the network connectionLaptop. Enter the connection settings in Internet Protocol laptop, turn off the firewall and authentication. Enter the IP-address and enter the subnet mask of Again, click "Apply" and then on "OK".


Go back to the PC. Restart the computer. Go to "Start," click on "Control Panel" and a string in the list that appears, select the "Network Setup Wizard". Select "Other" in the "Connection Type". Then click on the line "This computer belongs to a network that does not have an Internet connection." Click the "Next" button, create and type in the name under which the computer will be displayed on the network. Check the box next to the line "Enable file sharing and printer sharing", again click "Next". Restart your desktop computer.


Repeat the procedure on the laptop,set out in the fourth paragraph. Do not forget to reboot the laptop, and then make any necessary changes to the "Network Setup Wizard". Restart the computer. Now your laptop is connected to the PC, and you can easily download large files or play with the household computer games on their own network.

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