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How to connect internet router

Internet router (router) - a device used to connect local network to the Internet.

The router has two independently assignable IP addresses, each with its own settings for the local and external networks.

You will need

  • To connect the router must be the device itself and the cable? Twisted pair ?, connecting the router to the local network.



After unpacking the router, look for himethernet-ports. One is always a little separated from the other and signed as «WAN» port. Other ports are either not signed or are labeled «LAN», or simply numbered. Connect the internet cable to the WAN-port and a LAN cable to the LAN port. Turn the power on the router. Inspired on the router ports bulbs indicate a physical connection. If any of the ports of lamps (connected in which LAN and WAN cables) is not lit, check: on whether the device is connected to a router (a switch, a computer), the correct crimp connector cable, its integrity, continuity.


From any computer on the network connected to the router,Internet browser prompt, type the IP «». This default IP router is assigned by the manufacturer. Router settings window opens. If the router issues a request for a password to connect to the settings, see your password in your device documentation.


In the settings you need to configure the routerWAN-connection. To do this, enter the IP, DNS and gateway of the Internet, which are given to you by your ISP. Save the settings. The router will reboot. Now the tab? Status? You can see the connection? OK ?.


Configure computers to work withrouter. In all network computers, do the following settings. In the network connection properties to assign a gateway. This gateway will be the local IP of the router (default is computers should also be to specify the DNS, provided by your ISP.

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