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How to connect the Internet

How to connect an Internet router</a>

Internet router (router) - a device used to connect a local computer network to the Internet.

The router has two independently assigned IP addresses, each with its own settings for the local and external network.

You will need

  • To connect the router you need a device and a cable? Twisted pair ?, connecting the router to the local network.



Unpacking the router, pay attention to itEthernet ports. One of them is always separated from others and signed as a "WAN" port. Other ports are either not signed, or are labeled "LAN", or simply numbered. Connect the Internet cable to the WAN port, and the LAN cable to the LAN port. Turn on the power of the router. Lighted on the router port lights indicate the presence of physical communication. If any of the port lights (in which the LAN and WAN cables are connected) does not light up, it is necessary to check whether the device connected to the router (switch, computer) is turned on, that the connectors of the cable are correctly crimped, that it is complete, that there are no breaks.


From any computer network connected to the router,In the Internet browser line enter IP "". This IP by default is assigned to the routers by the manufacturer. The router settings window opens. If the router issues a password request to connect to the settings, see the password in the documentation for the device.


In the settings window of the router you need to configureWAN connection. To do this, enter the IP, DNS and Internet gateway that are provided to you by the provider. Save the settings. The router will reboot. Now, on the? Status tab? You can see? Connection: OK ?.


Configuring computers to work withRouter. On all computers on the local network, you need to make the following settings. Assign a gateway to the properties of the network connection. This gateway will be the local IP router (by default it is Also on computers, you should specify the DNS provided by the provider.

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