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How to connect headphones with a microphone


When you connect the headset to a computer, many are faced with problems such as the lack of sound in the headphones or the lack of voice transmission through the microphone.

How to connect a headset with a microphone so that everything worked properly?

You will need

  • Headphones with a microphone, a computer.



Headphones equipped with a microphone, canconnected to a computer with a cord, as well as via Bluetooth technology. As much of a difference between the audio signal have similar models, the only difference lies in their method of connection and information transfer. It is also worth noting that the headphones that work via Bluetooth, more comfortable to use, which is caused by the absence of any wires. However, using these headphones, you'll have to frequently change the battery in them.


Connecting to a Computer headphone with microphone,working through Bluetooth. Included with the headphones you will be provided with Bluetooth USB-sensor, and a CD with drivers to support the transmission of information through this channel. Initially, you need to install software on your computer, which is attached to the disk and then, insert the transmitter into a USB port and activate the work of headphones and a microphone. Connecting headphones for this technology somewhat simpler than connecting headphones with a microphone with a cord.


Before you connect the headphones cord tocomputer, note the color of the plugs. For example, pink connector will refer to the microphone jack, and plug the green, respectively, to the headphones jack connection. The computer inputs are also made in different colors, so you can easily understand what the plug must be connected to a specific terminal. Initially, connect one connector (microphone or headset, it does not matter). Automatically on the monitor window will appear where you have to select the type of connected device? if you connect a microphone, set it as a microphone input, and press OK, if you have enabled headphone jack, set the value? headphones? and also to confirm the changes. After the first connector is configured, you can connect a second.
If there is no sound in the headphones and the microphone does not work, put all the parameters in volume adjustment to the maximum level.

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