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How to connect fittings

How to connect fittings

Pipe fittings needed to connect a pipe with the same and different diameters and change the direction of the pipeline.

Constructional solution elements depends on the materials used in the manufacture of fittings.

You will need

  • - A device for cutting tubes
  • - homuty-
  • - nadfil-
  • - Brush for cleaning the inner surface of truby-
  • - flyus-
  • - pripoy-
  • - Burner.



Fittings for copper solder sewer pipes,Plastic pipe bonded with adhesive or solvent. To connect the pipe to the iron struts, do not use the hub. Seal the joint sleeve made of neoprene rubber. Close the sleeve made of stainless steel casing and fix collars.


To connect rigid pipes made of copper, cutthem using a special tool for cutting pipe, the right size. On the free end of the pipe wear tube cutter and put on the incision site. Turn the handle to clamp the pipe got tighter. Incised surface, rotating the cutter around the pipe. Then again tighten the clamp cutter handle and even rotate. Repeat this step until you fully cut a pipe. Note that when cutting copper pipe with a hacksaw edge turn rough.


To prepare for the joint edges smooth out needle filesor semi-circular end edges with a file, removing all the bumps and teases. The outer surface of the pipe end grind fine sandpaper to shine. Strip as the inner surface of the pipe end by means of special brushes. At the same time, try not to remove too much material that otherwise would not happen reliable soldering.


On the edge of the pipe inside and outside, apply ata brush a thin layer of flux. Do not use it too much, so that later the pipe is corroded. The way into the fitting into the tube and turn it to evenly distribute the flux. Remove excess flux leaked at the junction.


By the edge of the interface Hold the torch burner, heatend fitting. Flames move over the surface. When the joint is heated to the solder melting point, solder end touching to the connection elements. The continuous movement of slide solder on the edge all around. When the solder is covered by all the edge and there will be no gap, let cool joint. When applying solder burner flame must touch the surface of the valve.

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