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How to connect fittings


How to connect fittings</a>

Pipe fittings are needed to connect pipes with the same and different diameters and change the direction of the pipeline.

The constructive solution of the elements depends on the materials used in the manufacture of fittings.

You will need

  • - device for cutting pipes-
  • - clamps-
  • - Over-
  • - a brush for cleaning the inner surface of the pipe-
  • - flux-
  • - solder-
  • - burner.



Fittings for copper sewer pipes are soldered,Plastic pipes are glued together with glue or a solvent. To connect the pipes in cast-iron risers, do not use bushings. Seal the joint with a sleeve made of neoprene rubber. Close the sleeve with a stainless steel casing and secure with clamps.


To connect rigid pipes from copper, cutThem, using a special device for cutting pipes, the right size. Put a pipe cutter on the free end of the pipe and place the cut into place. Turn the knob so that the collar gets denser on the pipe. Cut the surface by rotating the cutter around the pipe. Then again tighten the clamp of the cutter handle and turn it again. Repeat this action until you cut the pipe completely. Take into account that when cutting a copper pipe with a hacksaw, the edges are rough.


To prepare the edges for the joint,Or a semicircular file, the end edges, eliminating all irregularities and scuffing. Finish the outer surface of the pipe end with a thin sandpaper to a shine. Strip the inner surface of the pipe end with a special brush. Do not try to remove too much material, otherwise there will not be reliable soldering.


At the edge of the pipe inside and outside, applyA thin layer of flux. Do not apply too much so that the pipe is not corroded afterwards. Fully insert the fitting into the pipe and rotate it to distribute the flux evenly. Remove any excess excess flux at the joint.


Bring torch torch to the edge of the joint, heatEnd fitting. Flame move over the surface. When the joint is heated to the melting point of the solder, touch the joint of the elements with the end of the solder. Continuously move the solder along the edge around. When the entire edge of the solder is covered and no gaps remain, let the joint cool down. When applying solder, the torch torch must touch the surface of the valve.

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