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How to connect an external drive

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Convenient solution to increase the amount of memory for data storage? buying an external hard drive.

To install, no need to call a specialist, it is not necessary to disassemble the computer.

This is especially true if the computer is under warranty.



External Hard Drive solves a lot of problems,thus representing a more stylish computer accessories. Before setting up an external drive, it is necessary to choose the right because of what an external drive you buy will depend on its connection to the computer.


You should know that as an external zhestrogoROM, you can use the hard disk of any type, size and volume. You can connect a conventional 3.5-inch hard drive with an adapter Mobile Rack, and in this case, the connection will be using a USB cable and a cable with power adapter 220V (comes with an adapter). You will need to insert the hard drive into the adapter, close, connected to a power outlet, and a USB cable to the computer.


It is also possible to connect an external diskconventional 2.5-inch hard disk drive (for laptops), using an appropriate adapter. Adapters for drives of this size do not require connection to a power outlet 220V, and the sequence of actions when connected will be easier: insert the disc into the adapter and plug it into any available USB port on your computer.


When using an external drive finished you will not need to perform additional actions? simply connect the drive via USB cable to your computer and enjoy.


In some cases, after the connection of the newdrive to a computer is required to format the disk. To format the drive, go to the folder? My Computer ?, find it a new drive icon, and clicking on it, right-click? Format? the pop-up dialog box, you need to change only two items? choose NTFS as the file system and put a check mark next to the inscription? quick format ?. After that, your new hard drive will be completely ready for operation.

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