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How to connect a phone jack

arallelny phone - it is very convenient because it allows you to each room or space to set your device

In many homes and apartments therethe need to set up an extension phone. Parallel phone? it is very convenient because it allows you to each room or space to install your unit.

But you need to pre-dissolve and connect telephone sockets in all places.

Consider how to connect the socket on the example of two-wire installation of single wall outlet.



Normal telephone socket is decomposed into two parts:

? five gnezdami- housing

? plugs with five pins.
wire telephone line is connected to the bodyoutlet, and plug connected to the cable going directly to the phone. Disassemble the casing telephone socket and strip the ends of the coaxial wire telephone line.


In case you will see a 4 socket, which canbe a connected phone line. Usually, if you look at the socket so that the fifth was located at the bottom of a plastic contact, the phone line is connected to two sockets located on the right side. Screw the wires of special locking screws.


The lower part of the body attach to the floor or wall. The upper part and tighten the screw in the intended place. The case is assembled.


Now you need to assemble the plug correctly. Disassemble it. Inside you will see a diagram, similar to the device socket housing with the difference that the wire contacts are the pins. Connect as necessary data pins and sockets? this is the answer to the question of how to connect the telephone jack correctly.


When connected with the pins follow the connection so that the socket contact assembly provided with a link wire telephone cord, and the signal is passed to the machine.

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