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How to connect a vpn network


How to connect a vpn network</a>

Connecting to the VPN network is not done exactlyCustomary for the average user scenario - there are many aspects that can not be ignored and easy to forget about when setting up.

Now this type of connection is becoming more popular among providers, so being able to configure it will not be superfluous for any category of computer users.

You will need

  • - connection parameters of your ISP.



Read the parameters of your connection, find out the login, password and access point from the ISP.


Go to the "Control Panel", open the itemThe Network Connections menu. Select the "Create a new connection" action in the upper left corner. You will see the connection setup wizard on the screen, click the "Next" button.


Choose the second option - "Connect to the network in the workplace". Then select the option "Connect to the virtual part of the network."


In a new window enter the name for the connection shortcut - the provider name or any other convenient designation for you.


If necessary, enter the number to connect to the network. If you use permanent dedicated access to the Internet, then skip this step.


Enter the IP address of the computer or access point of the provider, depending on what you are connecting to via a VPN connection.


Select the option to configure login and password access for any user and add a shortcut to connect to the desktop.


While in the network connection folder, clickRight-click the item you created and select the "Properties" menu item. Enter your login and password in the appropriate configuration settings for the connection and save them.


Check the box next to "Call back when the connection is broken". In the "Security" section, check the box "Data encryption required".


On the "Net»Open the settings menu of the" Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) "item. Make sure that IP and DNS are assigned automatically.


On the "Advanced" tab, check to see ifCheck box next to the point of use of the default gateway on the remote network. Apply the changes, close all the windows by clicking the "OK" button in each of them one at a time.

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