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How to connect a microphone to a computer

How to connect a microphone to a computer</a>

Despite the fact that today the Internet is more and moreIs associated with entertainment, it is still a convenient and powerful means of communication, which allows people to connect in different parts of the world.

Skype and similar programs not only quite successfully replace long-distance telephone communication, but also allow to hold videoconferences? Only access to the network is needed.

And in order to use these benefits of civilization, the computer must be taught to talk and see, that is, to connect to it a microphone and a web camera.

You will need

  • a computer-
  • microphone-
  • sound card.



To connect, we need to make sureOperability of the sound card installed on the computer and the corresponding microphone jack. The sound card can either be integrated into the motherboard or installed in a separate slot. Looking for the back side of the system unit, three different-colored jack-type jack inputs.


As a rule, the installation of special drivers forMicrophone is not required. After connecting the microphone to the corresponding connector on the sound card, go to the Windows Control Panel in the properties of the overall system volume mixer.


If we have Windows XP, choose?Additional devices? And in the appeared list put a tick in front of the device? Microphone ?. In Windows Vista, for settings settings, select "Recorders". If the capabilities of the sound card allow, in the settings there will be an additional option "Gain ?, with which you can compensate, for example, a large distance to the microphone.


With the correct installation and connection of the microphone, we immediately hear our own voice in the columns of the computer. If desired, you can write it with special programs for working with sound.
We successfully connected the microphone to the computer. Now you can use the means of voice communication, Internet calls and other amenities that the World Wide Web offers today.

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