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How to connect a microphone to your computer

How to connect a microphone to your computer

Despite the fact that today the Internet is increasinglyis associated with the sphere of entertainment, it is still convenient and powerful communication tool that allows people to connect in a variety of locations around the globe.

Skype and similar programs not only quite successfully replaced by long-distance telephone service, but also allow for video conferencing? only access to the network.

And in order to enjoy these benefits of civilization, the computer must be taught to speak and see, that is, connect it to the microphone and webcam.

You will need

  • a computer-
  • microphone-
  • sound card.



To connect, we need to make sureperformance sound card installed on your computer, and the appropriate jacks for a microphone. The sound card may be inserted into a motherboard, and is installed in a separate slot. We are looking at the back side of the chassis under the three multi-colored input jack type connector.


As a general rule, the installation of special driversmicrophone is required. After connecting the microphone to the corresponding jack on your sound card go to the Windows Control Panel in the properties of the total system volume mixer.


If you have Windows XP, choose?Options? and in the list that appears, put a check in front of the device? Microphone ?. In Windows Vista, select the parameters for setting? Recorders ?. If you allow the possibility of a sound card, an option appears in the settings? Gain ?, which can be used to compensate, for example, a long distance to the microphone.


When properly installed and connected the microphone, we immediately hear your own voice in your computer speakers. If desired, it can be written with special programs to work with sound.
We have successfully connected a microphone to your computer. Now you can use the means of voice communication, Internet phone calls and other amenities that today offers a worldwide network.

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