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How to connect a loggia with a room

How to combine a loggia with a room

The issue of unification of the room and loggia becomes especially important if you live in a small apartment.

Such alterations can increase the useful area apartments, and more and more people seek to take advantage of this opportunity.

Note, however, that this kind of redevelopment, despite its popularity, is one of the most difficult and responsible.



Get an official permitpereplanirovkuPrisoedinenie loggia to the room relates to redevelopment, for which it is necessary to obtain approval to the Interdepartmental Commission under the county Prefecture. If we ignore this rule, then later, in any action with real estate - sale, exchange, donation contract - Serious problems might occur. Invite a professional engineer or architect for works necessary calculations, drafting and re-planning of training required for approval of documents.


Carefully inspect the fence loggia. If necessary, the place bricked water runoff. Carefully cement the all the small cracks.


Install window units. When you join the loggia to the room, to improve the thermal insulation properties of the room is recommended to use triple-pane windows with triple glazing.


Remove the old door and window frames. Expand formed aperture. Note that the partition is completely removed in most homes between bathroom and the former loggia fail because it refers to the supporting structures.


Consider heating system. It should be remembered that according to the best rules and regulations, radiator can be moved and mounted on the wall of the loggia. One way to solve this problem can be installation of floor heating.


Insulate lodzhiyuDlya insulation of the ceiling and wallsloggia is recommended to use mineral wool. For the floor, if you decide to cancel the installation of warm floors - hard insulation. It should be remembered that, in accordance with modern construction rules and regulations, the use of foam for insulation of loggias is strictly prohibited. The foam is fire-hazardous materials that emit toxic substances during combustion.


If necessary, fit additional wiring. Install sockets and switches.


Obsheyte walls and ceiling plasterboard loggia. Do finishing the walls and floor. For walls suitable paint, wallpaper or wall panels. For the floor - ceramic tiles, parquet or carpet.

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