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How to connect a home theater


How to connect a home theater</a>

The creation and implementation of new technologies made it much easier to connect and configure home theaters.

The use of stabilizing circuits and control of microprocessor technologies allows you to connect a home theater with the convenience of installation and adjustment in the right place.



Connecting your home theater depends on theSeveral parameters. First of all, from the choice of equipment, the quality of the connection and the correct location of the speaker system. Recommended standard systems may not be suitable for apartment layout, so require additional settings. Choosing the necessary speaker system, receiver and high-quality cables, you can start to connect.


First, you need to choose a place to install the TV so that the speaker system is distributed in a circle evenly.


Then you need to install the front and rearColumn, it must be taken into account that the distance from the viewing point to the front or rear speakers should be the same and distributed along a circle or an arc. This will reduce the additional sound settings.
The modification and length of the cord should be the same for one type of speaker. That is, the cords of the front or rear speakers should be the same in length.
The quality of the cords, the length, the correct connection, greatly affects the quality of the audio signal.


Connecting a conventional TV, DVD player, or VCR to the receiver is via analog inputs.


Connecting a satellite, computer or player with the system? Blue-ray ?, is made through the HDMI outputs or component outputs for high-definition signals.


Some models of DVD players, TVs and digital video cameras can be connected via DVI inputs.


High-quality audio encoded in DVD, can be connected via a digital input, allowing you to transmit high-quality sound.


Connect a home theater using various inputs and outputs on the receiver, will allow using different amount of equipment and create the maximum quality of output signals.

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