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How to connect a car amplifier


How to connect a car amplifier</a>

A motorist who wants to install an audio system on his own can face the problem of connecting audio components to each other, because the way they are mated is not always obvious.

However, if you understand, then in this connection there is nothing complicated.



Connect the positive lead to the amplifier from the(Note that it must have a sufficient cross-section), the signal cable from the head unit (which will be signaled to turn on the amplifier) ​​and the mass in accordance with the instruction or markings on the amplifier.


Connect the head unit (radio tape recorder) to the amplifier not through the outputs to which the speakers are connected without using an amplifier, but through the linear outputs of the preamplifier.


In most recorders of these outputs no moreTwo, using connectors RCA (tulips). If your amplifier is designed to process more channels (for example - four), you will need to use signal splitters, Y-connectors.


When connecting to a speaker amplifier, pay attention to the polarity of the connection, which greatly affects the sound quality.


Set the amplifier to the frequency settings according to the desired sound pattern and the available speakers.

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