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How to connect a car amplifier

How to connect a car amplifier

Motorists wishing to establish their own sound system in your car, may face the problem of audio components connected to each other, because their method of conjugation is not always obvious.

However, if you look, in this connection there is nothing difficult.



Connect the positive lead from the amplifierbattery (note that it must have a sufficient cross-section), the signal wire from the head unit (for which it will provide a signal of the amplifier is turned on) and weight in accordance with the instructions or notes on the amplifier.


Connect to an amplifier head unit (radio) should not be through the outputs, which are connected speakers without the use of an amplifier, and a linear preamplifier outputs.


In most radios these outputs no longertwo, using RCA connectors (CINCH). If your amplifier is designed for the processing of a larger number of channels (for example - four), you will need to use the signal couplers, Y-connectors.


When connecting to an amplifier speaker note the polarity is very affecting sound quality.


Set the amplifier frequency settings according to the desired sound picture and available speakers.

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