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HOW congratulate kindergarten graduates

How to congratulate kindergarten graduates

To exhaust the kindergarten child to rememberas a vivid ceremonial event, parents and preschool staff to buy unusual gifts, decorate the room group to consider the sequence of the festive evening events.

The first big event in the life of a child -graduation in kindergarten. After the ceremony will be on 1 September and many other important dates, but this evening at preschool will remember him in a special way. For 6-7 years the child is already able to fully grasp the significance of this celebration: ended a certain stage in his life, and he never will again become a disciple of this wonderful kindergarten.

Greetings from parents

Graduation in preschool - an event notOnly for young households, but also for his parents. Moms and dads, too, are preparing for this solemn day, and buy gifts. Often at the same time start to the school fees and parents tempted to give the child the day of release from the garden any desired period of training in things: school bags, books, albums, cases and various office supplies.

But it is better to buy a small but important forpreschool child a gift that will become a symbol of prom for him in kindergarten. This may be a soft toy, which had long dreamed of the baby, designer, car or doll. These things should not be ordinary, to acquire from time to time anyway. They have to present some kind of feature, for example, the same doll or stuffed animal can be decorated with a bow or a suitable jewelry.

At the end of kindergarten, many parents giveto the child and more meaningful gifts: bicycles, roller skates and scooters, fitness equipment. If a child fascinated by anything, it is possible to buy something just this subject. Book on the outlet - not the best gift. Ahead of preschool many years of study and completion of a carefree childhood period should be marked by the presentation of gifts more interesting and memorable.

Congratulations from the staff of the kindergarten

Firstly, they are preparing a gala evening itself,photo albums, greeting cards, small gift. All these gifts are purchased not only educators, but also parents. Second, compose poetry wishes to graduates. They pererifmovyvayutsya so that each name was inscribed harmoniously in the text.

The room of the kindergarten group carefully decoratedCelebratory attributes: balloons, flower garlands, posters and stained glass painting. All these preparations are designed to create an unforgettable atmosphere, which is now a little man will remember throughout their lives with warmth and gratitude.

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