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How to congratulate graduates of a kindergarten


How to congratulate graduates of a kindergarten</a>

To graduate in kindergarten remember the childAs a bright solemn event, parents and employees of preschool establishments need to buy unusual gifts, arrange a room for the group, think over the sequence of events of the festive evening.

The first big event in the life of a child -Graduation in kindergarten. After there will be a solemn September 1 and many other important dates, but this evening in the preschool institution will be remembered to him in a special way. By 6-7 years the child is already able to fully realize the significance of this holiday: a certain stage in his life has come to an end, and he will never again become a pupil of this wonderful kindergarten.

Greetings from parents

Graduation in preschool is not an eventOnly for the younger household, but also for his parents. Moms and dads are also preparing for this solemn day and are buying presents. Often at the same time, school fees begin and parents are tempted to hand over to the child on the day of graduation from the kindergarten any things they need during the schooling period: school bags, books, albums, pencil boxes and various stationery.

But it is better to buy a small, but important forPreschooler gift, which will become for him a symbol of prom in kindergarten. It can be a soft toy, which the kid, designer, car or doll has long dreamed of. These things should not be ordinary, acquired from time to time in any case. In them, necessarily there should be some special feature: for example, the same doll or a soft toy can be decorated with a bow or a suitable costume jewelry.

At the end of kindergarten, many parents giveTo his child and more significant gifts: bicycles, rollers and scooters, sports simulators. If a child is involved in something, then you can buy a thing of this theme. The book at the prom is not the best gift. Ahead of the preschooler for many years of study and the completion of the most carefree childhood period should be marked by the presentation of a more interesting and memorable gift.

Congratulations from the employees of the kindergarten

Firstly, they are preparing the solemn evening itself,Photo albums, postcards, small presents. All these gifts are bought not only by educators, but also by parents. Secondly, poetic wishes are written for graduates. They are re-rhymed so that everyone's name is harmoniously inscribed in the text.

The placement of the kindergarten group is carefully decoratedFestive attributes: balloons, flower garlands, posters and stained glass paintings. All these preparations are designed to create an unforgettable situation, which now a small person will remember during his life with warmth and gratitude.

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