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How to congratulate the class teacher

How to congratulate the class teacher

The class teacher - a teacher who constantly communicates with children, know their habits, knowledge and skills involved not only training, but also the education of students.

On the eve of Teacher's Day, the eve of the anniversary of the day the class teacher or the birth parents are thinking as to congratulate the teachers, who are grateful for the attention and care of their children.



Think of the creative part of congratulations. Compose a poem, in which he thanked the teachers for work and education of children, a song with warm words and compliments. And maybe it will be scenes - funny situations of school life?


Come up with interesting puzzles about comiceach student, and classy festive hour Zagadai all present - teachers, parents and children. Your homeroom teacher has to guess about whom the riddle, and the student will present after guessing the teacher a present or a small flower.


As for gifts, the teachers belong tothe category of professionals who often give sweets. Since you decided to give your class teacher candy, let it be a bouquet or an original composition of them: a pen - a teacher of Russian language, account or calculator - for mathematics, the ball - for fizruka. On the Internet, a lot of detailed master classes with which you can make such an original gift.


If the parents have agreed to raise money andBuy the right thing, pay attention to the items needed in daily life: donate equipment for the kitchen (eg multivarku), dishes (good set of pots), a picture of the room or a good cover in the bedroom.


In the final year class teacher butthe main gift, you can present the photobook - a collage of pictures class of students in all years of study. We can also include photos from various events and celebrations. You can pre-arrange a photo session on the subject of your teacher (for example, to dress up in a well-known writers), to add to the photos good wishes from students or aphorisms.

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