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How to congratulate the class teacher

How to congratulate the class teacher</a>

A class teacher is a teacher who constantly communicates with children, knows their habits, knowledge and skills, is engaged not only in training, but also in the education of schoolchildren.

On the eve of Teacher's Day, on the eve of the jubilee or the birthday of the class teacher, parents are thinking how to congratulate the teacher, to whom they are grateful for the attention and care for their children.



Think over the creative part of congratulations. Write a poem in which you thank the teacher for the work and education of children, a song with warm words and compliments. And maybe it will be skits - amusing situations from school life?


Come up with interesting comic riddles aboutEach student, and on a festive class hour, make a guess to all present - the teacher, parents and children. Your class teacher should guess about whom the riddle is, and this pupil will present a small present or flower after guessing to the teacher.


As for gifts, the teachers belong toThe category of professionals who are most often given sweets. If you decide to give your class teacher candy, let it be a bouquet or an original composition of them: in the form of a pen - for a Russian teacher, an account or a calculator - for a mathematician, a ball for a fizruk. There are many detailed master classes on the Internet, with which you can make such an original gift.


If the parents agreed to raise money andBuy the right thing, you should pay attention to the items you need in your life: present kitchen appliances (for example, multivark), dishes (a set of good saucepans), a picture in the hall or a good blanket in the bedroom.


In the final class to the class teacher, exceptThe main gift, you can present a photobook - a collage of photographs of students in the class for all years of study. You can also include photos from various events and holidays here. You can arrange a photo session on the subject of your teacher in advance (for example, make yourself known to famous writers), add good wishes from students or aphorisms to photos.

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