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HOW congratulated on Teacher's Day

The teacher

October 5 - Teacher's Day in Russia, coincides with the World Day of the Teacher. Pupils and students congratulate on this day of all teachers.

How better to do it?

What to give for a holiday?

Congratulations to the Teacher's Day

The best greeting for teachers will be warm,sincere words spoken by the students. You can also sign a card, draw the wall newspaper, decorate the class with flowers and balloons, to organize a small tea party. You can prepare a congratulatory concert or literary-dramatic composition of the work of the teacher on their own, based on works such as the story of Yuri Bondarev, "Forgive us," the story of Valentin Rasputin "French Lessons", a poem by Andrei Dementyev, "Do not you dare forget the teachers!" Veronica Tushnova "teacher", etc.
You can compose himself and poems dedicatedteachers (for example, in accordance with the subjects taught). For the teacher of literature can act out a scene from the classic works. For the teacher of history - of the historical novel. Foreign language teachers to congratulate to teach them language. For an art teacher or world culture - to prepare "living pictures." For the teacher of music - sing a song.

What to give the teacher?

Now it is not accepted to give expensive teachersgifts, but it is always possible to present a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or a chocolate bar. A wonderful gift for a teacher can become a book corresponding to their interests: for example, an album of reproductions of famous artists, a historical novel, a guide to one of the most interesting foreign countries, popular edition on needlework, floral design or interior design, etc.
You can give the disc a movie about the school and teachers(Of course, if this is not the series "School" Valeria Gai Germanicus). For teachers with more conservative taste suitable films "live to see Monday", "Draw", "Big Break", "schedule for the day after tomorrow", for those who are drawn to modernity - French film "Dangerous Profession" or American "Emperor's Club" .

Teachers are different: good and rigorous, democratic and authoritarian, "advanced" and conservative, but they usually want their students up worthy people, they have found their place in life, so they will certainly come in handy knowledge given by them. And if the children belong to their teacher with respect, they will certainly find for himself and his kind words and compliments the original versions, making this holiday truly memorable.

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