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How to congratulate your family on the New Year


How to congratulate your family on the New Year</a>

Opportunities to choose and buy gifts for the New Year family and friends today a lot, and ideas for the original congratulations on the holiday every year less.

Here such congratulations, probably, will raise mood to your relatives in holidays New Year's days.



Prepare a congratulatory speech thatSay at the New Year's table, for each member of your family or guests who will meet with you in the New Year. Use in this case verses, songs, phrases related to this person, his name, status, character. Provide your speech with small symbolic souvenirs associated with the New Year or with the mythical animal that patronizes this New Year.


You can, if you do not know how to make beautiful speeches, write a congratulation on paper, a card, put a message in an envelope, and hand it to relatives at a festive table or at the entrance to your house.


Happy New Year to those close to you at the same timeEveryone can write on the snow under the windows of your apartment or house. Send SMS-congratulations, voice message to your mobile phone to friends or native people with music and festive melody.


Remember the school days and make a festive issue of the family wall newspaper, where you can arrange photos of members of your family, your friends, congratulating them with separate verses under each photo.


Arrange in the New Year's Eve a fireworks, a fire show, buying a lot of firecrackers, crackers, salutes. Be careful and observe the rules of fire safety.


Do in the yard of your house an iceRepresentation of snow figures. Let the fairy-tale characters flaunt the windows of your house, ice slides and houses will appear. You can create such an ice town either by the forces of your neighbors, or by attracting firms specializing in the construction of ice towns.


Organize a New Year's tour for your entire familyOn holidays abroad or on a tourist base near your city. And give your son or daughter schoolchildren an excursion for them and their friends in your locality or in another city with an inspection of interesting sights.


For young children, order a visit to yourApartments of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, whose arrival is always so pleasing and memorable. Give them an entrance ticket for the New Year's performance of artists in the children's theater, culture club.

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