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CONFLICTS with schoolchildren


Conflicts with schoolchildren</a>

The school life of the child consists not only of lessons and evaluations. In many ways the school is also a place for communication of children.

And this communication is not always cloudless and friendly.

Sometimes between children there are conflicts.

And parents should not take this as a tragedy.

Conflicts in the team are normal and normal.

Parents often make the mistake of coming to schoolAnd starting to make claims to all and immediately on the occasion that their child is offended, and no one is protecting. Do not push the situation. It is better to first remember your childhood and attitude in the children's environment to those whose parents are "sorted out" for each occasion instead of a child. Such children at all times remained on the sidelines of the collective.
But also not to protect the child, the normal parent does notwill be able. Therefore, the first thing to do is sit down and calm down. Discuss the situation with the child, most importantly - calmly, without blaming either himself or his friends. After all, it is the adult person who must remember that both sides are always to blame for the conflict, although it may be to varying degrees.
Analyze the situation: Whether the child can solve it on his own. Perhaps it's worth the child to change the style of behavior. There are children impulsive, flashing from every incorrectly spoken word, even if it is said and not addressed to them. Such a child needs to be taught to control his emotions, otherwise at an older age it can turn into even bigger problems.
If the child, on the contrary, can not repelOffender, too constrained and clamped, then the parents will have to work hard and hard to strengthen his self-esteem. Perhaps, in this case it is worth consulting with a school psychologist or class teacher. One protection of the child is indispensable here. Without adequate self-esteem and ability to defend one's own opinion a child can not do neither in school, nor in the future adult life.
Actually, the class teacher in any caseIt is necessary to notify the conflict. Talk with the teacher should be calm, explain your vision of the problem. And do not be surprised that he may have a slightly different version of events. If adults know about the conflict only from the words of their child, it is quite possible that they do not know the whole truth. Everyone, regardless of age, is inclined to justify himself and blame the other.
Whatever the option for the development of the conflict,It is parents who must give the child an example of adequate, calm and reasonable behavior. It is possible that the parents of the conflicting parties will often have to meet at the negotiating table. And for everyone it will be much better if the parents are calm and firm in their decisions.

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