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conflicting child

Controversial child

In life, many parents once there comes a time when they are faced with the contradictions of the child. Literally all you will hear, "No", "This is mine," "Get away from me", "I do not want", "I will not."

This is the period when a child is experiencing mental stress, and your job as a parent to help your child cope with contradictions without damaging mental health of the child.

What happens to the soul of a child?

Know that came the moment whenchild wants to express their individuality. He feels her presence, but does not know how to express themselves and, as a consequence, can not control their emotions. In addition, the teen now need some independence and autonomy, he is afraid of the fear of being lonely, and missed. Also in the child's mind the world is perfect, but when it starts to look at it with my own eyes, he sees a lot of inconsistencies, leading him in bewilderment. Of course, these feelings inside will not sit long, gradually pouring in the form of contradictions.

What to do?

The most important thing - do not panic. Remember, inconsistency - one of the mandatory periods of life, which will end soon anyway. What matters is that the result was positive. Your task - to help your child how to come to a victory over himself as soon as possible, and to realize that the child is not caused by the inconsistency of his bad temper, which is already too late to change.

Not to alienate the child from himself when heIt is in this period, and, on the contrary, try to spend time with him as much as possible, call it on an equal and frank conversations about emotions and feelings. Let your child tells you everything. Try also share feelings themselves, talk about their feelings and reactions to what is happening.

Such conversations will go to benefit the child and areIt is a lesson for him and relieved of stress. He will understand that it is not alone in this world, he has parents and friends, who will always be able to help.

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