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Contradictory child</a>

In the life of many parents, one day comes a time when they face the child's contradictions. Literally on all you will hear: "No", "This is mine", "Leave me", "I do not want", "I will not".

This is the period when the child experiences emotional stress, and your task, as parents, is to help the child cope with the contradictions without harming the child's mental health.

What happens in the child's soul?

Know that the very moment has come whenThe child wants to show his personality. He feels its presence, but does not understand how you can manifest yourself and, as a result, can not control your emotions. In addition, the teenager now needs some independence and independence, which he fears for fear of remaining alone and unaccepted. Also, in the imagination of the child, the world around him is ideal, but when he starts to look at him with his own eyes, he sees many inconsistencies that lead him into confusion. Of course, such feelings inside will not sit for a long time, gradually pouring out in the form of contradictions.

What to do?

The most important thing is not to panic. Remember that inconsistency is one of the mandatory periods of life that will soon end anyway. The main thing is that the result should be positive. Your task is to help the child to come to the victory over himself as soon as possible and realize that the child's inconsistency is not caused by his bad character, which is too late to change.

Do not push the child away when heIs in this period, but, on the contrary, try to spend with him as much time as possible, call him to equal and frank talk about emotions and feelings. Let the child tell you everything. Try to share your feelings, tell about your reactions and experiences.

Such conversations will benefit the child and willTo be for him a lesson and relief of stress. He will understand that he is not alone in this world, that he has parents and friends who can always come to the rescue.

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