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How to confirm the authenticity of Windows

How to confirm the authenticity of Windows

Not always you can be sure that his computer is running a genuine version of Windows. But sometimes there are cases when you need to check it out.

For different versions of Windows, there are various ways to check.



For operating system authenticationWindows XP, run the command line. To do this, select the "Start» - & gt- «All the programs» - & gt- «Standard» - & gt- «Command line» or «Start» - & gt- «Run", then in the corresponding box, type cmd.exe. In the command line write C: Windowssystem32OOBE msoobe / A, then press the enter key. In the resulting dialog box, the information will appear on the operating system authentication.


To check the authenticity of the Windows Vista operating system, run the command line. Then complete the following script by typing them on the command line: - slmgr-hrg-
- Slmgr.vbs-DLI-
- Slmgr.vbs-DLV.V dialog boxes that appear after each scenario will be information about the license authentication.


For operating system authenticationWindows 7 use special updates that are responsible for this function. They are compulsory and are set automatically when automatic updating enabled system. Otherwise, install them yourself using «Windows Update Center."


also confirm authenticity Windows may be using the official website of Microsoft. Launch a web browser and go to http://windows.microsoft.com/ru-RU/windows/help/genuine/what-is-validation. This page shows detailedinformation relating to the fact that Windows authentication is and how it can go through. After reading, click on the link "Check Now" located at the top right of the page.


Check out the information appears. After that, click on the link "Download". Specify the location of the saved file. Without closing the browser, double-click the saved file after it was fully downloaded. Click "Run" and follow the on-screen instructions. After installation is complete, click on the "Continue" button, located on the manner in which the file download web page. Based on this review, you will receive information about Windows authentication.

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