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How to set up the mouse


How to set up the mouse</a>

Computer mouse - so simple and familiarA device without which the computer is almost impossible, that many users do not even suspect how much more comfortable their daily work can be if you properly configure the mouse.

Let's list some settings that canTry to change everyone and thus adapt the behavior of the manipulator in a convenient way. Note that the manipulators & nbsp- & laquo-mouse & raquo- are distinguished by a wide variety of designs: the number of buttons, wheels and various other controls varies, so that some settings for different models may vary.

All the listed settings are made in the Control Panel, point Mouse.

1.& Nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- The speed at which the pointer moves. If there is a problem with the positioning of the mouse pointer, then the speed is better reduced, and if there is not enough room on the table to move the mouse, then it can be increased.

2. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- Double-tap speed. Although double pressing is used less and less, nevertheless it will not be possible to completely do without it. Adjust the double-click speed so that the double click is easy, but two consecutive single-tapes are not mistaken for a double click.

3. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- Scrolling speed. Adjust the response to the movement of the mouse wheel so that the text scrolls quickly enough, but not too abruptly. If there is a mouse wheel and there is no scroll setting, then an unsuitable driver is installed. Install the driver from the disk that came with the manipulator, or search for the latest version on the manufacturer's website.

4. & nbsp- & nbsp- & nbsp- On the & laquo-Pointers & raquo- tab, you can change the appearance of the mouse pointer, making them more visible, or more pleasing to the eye and interesting.

For the most advanced manipulator models inBundled with it, as a rule, comes a special program that allows you to configure the mouse. In particular, you can define so-called gestures (cursor movements of a certain form, with which you can initiate various events in the system without pressing keys, for example, minimize windows, launch applications, etc.), and use a variety of specific functions of a specific model Manipulator. Most of the mouse settings are completely safe, so you can safely experiment with them.

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