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How to configure the modem mts connect


How to configure the modem mts connect</a>

In any place and at any time, you can access the Internet using the "MTS Connect" service. For this you need to purchase a kit that includes a modem and a SIM card with a tariff plan.

You will need

  • Computer, set "MTS Connect"



Company MTS Offers several types modemS. The most popular models are 7.2 (the maximum speed of Internet access is 7.2 Mbps), 14.4 (the maximum speed of Internet access is 14.4 Mbps) and a WiFi router. It is necessary to insert modem To the computer and allow automatic installation of the software. And in just a few minutes, you can open the Internet for you! Drivers for modemS periodically updated - "fresh" options can be downloaded from the official site MTS.


When buying a set of "MTS Connect "you get a month unlimitedInternet as a gift. Then, customers receive a 50% discount on the monthly fee until the end of the year. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of the unlimited options - an option without a monthly fee, "No Limit-Mini", "No-Limit-maxi" and "No-Limit-Super". In accordance with the selected option, you can configure modem.


There are several ways to connect and disconnectEach of the unlimited options. For the "No-Limit-Mini" option, this is a short command * 111 * 2180 #, sending 111 SMS (2180 for connection, 21800 for disconnecting) and "Internet Assistant" for the number 111. For the option "Unlimited-Maxi" this is a short command * 111 * 2188 #, sending SMS to number 111 (2188 for connection, 21880 for disconnecting) and "Internet Assistant" service. For the option "Unlimited-Super" this is a short command * 111 * 575 #, sending to number 111 SMS (575 - for connection
5750 - for deactivation) and also the "Internet Assistant" service.


To increase the speed modemAnd you can choose a tariff with a large volumeIncluded traffic or use the "Turboknopka", designed for two or six hours of action. The fee is debited at the time of connection. The traffic volume is not taken into account. In order to connect the Turboknopk, you must dial a short command * 111 * 622 # or * 111 * 626 #, send 111 SMS (Turboknopka 2 622, Turboknopka 6 626) or 111 Use the "Internet Assistant".

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