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How to configure the microphone to your computer

How to configure the microphone to your computer

Attach a microphone to your computer it can be used for many purposes, ranging from vocals and ending communication in online games.

After a microphone connected to a PC, it is necessary to adjust.

You will need

  • a computer-
  • microphone-
  • novice PC user.



It is worth noting that the microphones can be differentshape: pop, which often sing karaoke, office (usually on a thin stalk) and embedded in the body of notebooks and netbooks. Also, there are microphones, combined with headphones.
After connecting the microphone to the corresponding3.5 mm jack on the PC case (if the microphone plug is wider, use an adapter), restart your computer. If your computer is fixed and is a system unit, turn on the microphone connector on the rear panel, even if the same connector is on the front of the chassis.


After restarting the computer and run Windows, visit the Start - Control Panel, choose small or large icons and double-click on the label Sound ?.
In the window that opens, select the tab? Record ?. You will see the name of the microphone and check? This means that the equipment has been installed successfully. Try to say something into the microphone. EQ signal will appear next to the growing sound. If not, the microphone is connected, but included. Locate the microphone power button and press it. Usually, this is the button on the microphone type variety.


Now to set up the microphone oncomputer. All the same, select the microphone and press the? Properties ?. In the tab? Listen? you can set a tick. After that, all the sound from the microphone will be immediately applied to the column.
In the tab? Levels? You can adjust the volume of the microphone and sound equipment with the help of sliders.
In the tab? Improvements? You can enable options such as? Noise Reduction? and? Echo cancellation ?. Remember that when talking on Skype, these options can be difficult to hear.
In the tab? Extras? You can adjust the sound frequency if you want to record something through the microphone on the computer.

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