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How to configure the microphone on Acer laptop

How to configure the microphone on Acer laptop

Built-in laptop microphone simplifies communication.

However, there is a lot of problems on a par with the facilities provided by the setting up of this component.

The most complex settings Microphone known brand Acer laptops.



Go to the Acer laptop to the tab "Sound". To do this in the Control Panel in the right corner, click the icon that is responsible for setting the sound (usually it is drawn speaker). The screen will open with multiple tabs dialog box. If this icon in the control panel is not, click on the button "Start". Select "Settings" and then "Control Panel." In the window that opens, among other settings, search for "sound and equipment." This module may have another name - it depends on your laptop's operating system.


Go to the tab "Record" - it is responsible for the built-in microphone. If it is, you will see the corresponding icon. Click on it, or on the button "Properties".


In the window that opens, check the microphone settings,that all parameters are correctly included. In the "General" tab, make sure that the line "Application of the device" contained the "Enable." Go to the "Levels" section and move the sliders in the block "Microphone" and "Microphone Boost" to the maximum. Click "Apply" and test the microphone.


Test the microphone may be usingthe Windows standard utility "Recording" in the "Start" menu. Press record, say it, save and try to replicate. If that fails, try adjusting "Burst Mode", which is responsible for the transmission of sound volume. To do this, go to the window and sound settings in the "Advanced" tab, put a check mark in the submitted claims. Test the microphone again.


If there is no result again, try to refresh the controller driver. This can be done in the same sound settings in the "General" tab, by clicking the button "Properties" icon in front of "controller".

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