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How to configure the "Jam" in the Navigator

How to set "Jam" in the Navigator

Most motorists willing to learn about traffic jams in advance.

Cars equipped with navigators, may receive such information in advance.

It is enough to set up "plugs" in the Navigator.

You will need

  • -GPRS, WiMax, SkyLink connection-
  • -navigator,
  • -Computer for synchronization.



You can install third-party application onGarmin Navitel - Garmin company. Download it for free at the official website. Install it on your computer. Connect it to the browser. Garmin Navitel interface interacts with most operating systems of modern devices. Select the "File" menu, select "Sync." Garmin will process the cards available on the navigator, and adds a number of the (request for this operation will be displayed during synchronization). In addition, the navigation function is added to Garmin: Car on the road (traffic informant).


To work with the Garmin app: Car on the road, run it on your browser. The program will ask for consent to the use of GPS and mobile internet (in Russia, the most stable SkyLink signal, followed by GPRS and WiMax capacity). Select "Enable". The map appears with the main road, then the cluster of cars and little later - individual machines. This system has a high precision, so you can protect yourself from traffic congestion and save travel time.


You can configure the "Jam" on common"Navitel" navigators in Russia. Update to the latest version available. Go to "Navitel.Navigator" application settings, select "Other". Put a checkmark in the values ​​of "Jam". Now the Traffic information is available to you when connected to the internet browser.


If you do not use in your navigatorSim-card or usb-modem, you can distribute on the Internet wi-fi from your mobile device. Such a method is not the fastest, but it can help out in difficult situations on the road.

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