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How to set up internet on linux

How to set up internet on linux

Set yourself on a Linux OS computer, you will sooner or later encounter with the issue of internet connection.

Internet settings in Linux is different from the settings in Windows.

So forget the usual menu choices and tips, and follow the instructions.



Open the console and type ifconfig.


If an error occurs - email su, enterthe password of the administrator and re-write ifconfig. This command - displays information about the network connections that are connected at the moment and the degree of adjustment of their parameters. Then you must take the settings provided by your ISP.


Now the most important thing is to set up the Internet on Linux:
- Open the configuration file sudo gedit / etc / network / interfaces, gedit? is used redaktor-

- In this file, enter the Internet setup. If you have a static IP-address, then write the pattern:
auto eth0? instant loading network interfeysa-

iface eth0 inet static? It prevents hijacking IP-

address -.-.-.- your IP-

netmask -.-.-.- then enter masku-

broadcast -.-.-.- leave this string unchanged or no pishite-

hostname myname? Enter your network name in the stroke-

gateway -.-.-.- then enter the gateway of your Internet provider.


In the case where you do not have Internet settings or IP-address is static, the following template:
auto eth0? instant loading network interfeysa-

iface eth0 inet dhcp? It allows you to obtain an IP automatically.


Save the changes in the settings.


Restart Internet.


Prescribe DNS, by entering:
sudo /etc/resolv.conf? This command will open a file with DNS servers.

nameserver -.-.-.- Here enter the DNS of your Internet service provider

nameserver -.-.-.- enter any alternate DNS.


Restart Internet.


Check the availability of the Internet? enter ping ya.ru.
This setting is done, it turns out that to set up the Internet on Linux is not so difficult.

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