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How to set up e-mail on your computer

There are two ways to use e-mail: online and offline.

When choosing an online method, all your messages are stored on a server and access them, you can use the mailbox web interface.

If the email client is used, for example, Outlook Express, then your mail is downloaded to your computer and you can access them even without internet.

You will need

  • - A computer connected to internetu-
  • - An e-mail client.



Register your new mailbox toset up email. To do this, go to the site of any free email system, for example, gmail.com. Select the link "Create Account", then fill in the registration form: username, password, full name, a security question (used if you forget your password).


Click "Create Account." Next, you will be moved to your inbox. To configure e-mail, go to the "Settings", then "the POP Forwarding", select "Setup Guide." Next, you must choose the email client that is installed on computer and follow the instructions.


Start Outlook Express program to configure e-mail at computer. Go to the "Tools" menu, click there"Accounts", click on the button "Add", then select "Mail" option. Enter a name that will be displayed in your letters in the "Short Name", click "Next". In the next window, enter the full address of your e-mail (имя_пользователя@gmail.com) in the form field "E-mail).


Enter the following address - imap.gmail.com in the "Message Server incoming", and the address of outgoing mail server smtp.gmail.com - in the field "Outgoing mail server", click "Next" to continue e-mail account settings. Enter your username, including @ gmail.com part in the name of the account, then fill in the box labeled "Password" and click "Next".


Click "Finish", select the field"Account", select it imap.gmail.com line, click on "Properties", go to the "Advanced" tab, check the box next to the item "a secure connection." Next, go to the tab "Servers" check the box next to "User authentication" option.


Click "OK". Mail Setting up computer completed. Similar instructions for other e-mail clients can be found at http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=75726&-ctx=mail&-&-hl=ru.

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