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How to build a water pipe in a private house


How to build a water pipe in a private house</a>

There are three ways to conduct a water supply to a private house - connect to a central water pipe, drill an artesian well or draw water from a well.

With the first two options, you can connect washing machines and dishwashers, shower cabins and titans.

You will need

  • - application to the water canal-
  • - project documentation-
  • - polymer pipes-
  • - pump station or well pump-
  • - heat-insulating materials.



To bring the central water pipesBut contact the Vodokanal of your district, write a statement about the desire to connect to the central highway.


If there are no other communications on the way to your house from the central water main, you will be allowed to bring water to your house.


All connection and connection can be made by specialists of the water canal. Self-connection is strictly prohibited.


You will first produce the project documentation and in accordance with the project will conduct central water.


If there is no central water supply in your area, drill an artesian well. By connecting a pumping station to it, you can use water as if you are in a central water supply.


Invite specialists to drill wells. They will produce professional work and install pipes.


You will only need to buy a vacuum pumping station and install it in accordance with the installation instructions.


The last way to have water at home is to draw it from a well. To do this, buy polymer water pipesPipes.


Dig a trench from house to well. Lay the pipes and insulate them with heat-insulating materials.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to install in a wellPump station, and only a special well pump can be lowered. To inflate the water it will need to be constantly started manually, that is, to include and fill the water tanks.

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