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How to conduct water in a private house

How to make water in a private house

Carry water in a private house in one of three ways - to connect to a central water supply, drill artesian wells or draw water from the well.

If the first two options can be connected washing machines, dishwashers, showers and Titans.

You will need

  • - A statement in vodokanal-
  • - Design dokumentatsiya-
  • - Polymer truby-
  • - Pump station or well pump-
  • - Insulation materials.



To summarize the main water pipesand contact the water utility in your area, write a statement about the desire to connect to the central highway.


If on the way to your house from the main water supply line do not pass other communications, you will be allowed to conduct in their home water.


All wiring and connection can generate water utility experts. Self-connection is strictly prohibited.


You first will produce project documentation and in accordance with the project will hold a central water.


If in your area there is no central water supply, artesian well. By connecting to it pumping station, you can enjoy the water as in the central water supply.


Invite specialists in drilling wells. They produce professional work and install the pipe.


You will only need to buy a vacuum pumping station and install it according to the instructions for installation.


The latter method is to have a home water - is to hold it out of the well. To do this, buy a polymer water pipesnye pipe.


Dig a trench from the house to the well. Route Insulate pipes and their insulating materials.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to establish a wellpumping station, and only a special sump pump can be omitted. For pumping water it will need to constantly run manually, that is turned on and fill the water tank.

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